Monday, May 8, 2017

final 4th quarter project and make-ups for missing quizzes, etc.

Here is the final (!!!) project - due via Google docs before class on Monday 5/22 for F block, Tuesday 5/23 for G block.

Other important updates:

Please be sure to check the portal this week to see if there's anything you haven't turned in this quarter.  If you see a zero, it means I haven't received that assignment from you.  (The -- just means that I have it, but am working on grading it).

Since there was only one reading quiz this term, I will not be dropping the lowest quiz grade like in terms 1-3.  If you missed the one and only reading quiz this term (i.e. if you see a zero in the portal), please complete and submit this make-up assignment by Friday 5/26 if you want to earn back those points.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

extra credit opportunity (due by Friday May 19th)

Here's the info about the extra credit opportunity I mentioned in class today, cut and pasted from the original e-mail from Gayatri Sundar Rajan (see below).  If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, sign up for an appointment by clicking the link below (or contacting Gayatri directly) to schedule a time.  Submit a paragraph-long summary of what you were asked or what you said - it should demonstrate what you've learned about the topic (anxiety, stress or eating disorders/body image) in class this year.  Worth up to 5 extra points for term 4 and due on or before Friday May 19th.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and AHS is collaborating with ACMi (our local television station) to produce a series of videos covering the AHS community’s take on Mental Health Issues.

Each week we will focusing on a different Mental Health Issue of particular interest to the AHS community.
Week 1 will be about Anxiety.
Week 2 will be about Stress.
And, Week 3 will be about Eating Disorders and Body Image.

Twice a week, once on Wednesdays and once on Thursdays, we will be giving students and staff of AHS an opportunity to express their support for, experiences with, and advice on these Mental Health Issues in a filmed interview. Then, at the end of each week, we will release an edited video, bringing today all the AHS voices on that issue.

We hope that by presenting a united front against the stigma associated with Mental Health Issues we will be taking one more step to creating a more welcoming AHS community.

In order to respect your busy schedules, we are reaching out to you all a week early to ask that you all sign up for slots to be briefly interviewed about your experience with or thoughts on Mental Health issues. Even a few brief words of encouragement would be much appreciated!

The schedule is as follows:
Wednesday, May 3rd @7:30am in the Guidance Conference Room
Thursday, May 4th @2:40pm in the Guidance Conference Room
Week 2 - Stress (Academic, Social, etc)
Wednesday, May 10th @2:40pm in the Guidance Conference Room
Thursday, May 11th @7:30am in the Guidance Conference Room
Wednesday, May 17th @7:30am in the Guidance Conference Room
Thursday, May 18th @2:40pm in the Guidance Conference Room
Links to sign up can be accessed by clicking on the respective weeks.

Naturally, if these dates and times are inconvenient for you, please send me an email and we will be happy to accommodate your schedule!

In addition, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!
Thanks so much,
- Gayatri

Monday, April 24, 2017

review free response quiz on Wednesday 4/26

You will have the period (50 minutes) to answer two free response questions, just as you will have on the actual AP exam next week.  This will count as a quiz grade for term 4 (of about 20-30 points).

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Unit 14

643-50 due Tuesday 3/28 for G block, Wednesday 3/29 for F block
650-57 due Wednesday 3/29 for G block, Thursday for F block
657-64 due Friday 3/31 for both classes - also, for 10 points on term 3:  bring an anonymous, typed and printed response to class that answers the following question: if you could do anything you wanted, without the possibility of being identified or held accountable, what would it be?  Your response can be relatively brief (a few sentences long).
664-70 due Monday 4/3 (both classes)
670-77 due Wednesday 4/5 (both classes)
678-85 due Thursday 4/6 for F block
G block: finish the chapter (678-92) for Friday 4/7
Due Monday 4/10:  Breaking a social norm 
Due Tuesday 4/11 (F block:  since you don't have class, please drop off or leave in my mailbox in Downs House by the end of the day):  response to "A Call for Help" - type or neatly write a paragraph that explains how your knowledge of social psychology informed your understanding of the event profiled.

Link to in-class activity - please open in class when directed.  F block:  you didn't do this in class, so you might find it useful for review.
Also, here's a link to four myths about social psych from the 50 Myths book, and here's a link to a social psych kahoot.

Friday, March 3, 2017

units 12 and 13 reading

561-8 due Monday 3/6
569-79 due Tuesday 3/7 (G block), Wednesday 3/8 (F block)
579-89 due Wednesday 3/8 (G block), Thursday 3/9 (F block)
589-96 due Friday 3/9
596-600 due Monday 3/13 (and baby books!)
605-610 due Tuesday 3/14 (G block), Wednesday 3/15 (F block)
610-18 due Wednesday 3/15 (G block), Thursday 3/16 (F block)
619-28 due Friday 3/17
due Monday 3/20:  read the except from Triggered given out in class and write (neatly, please!) or type 2-3 questions for Dr. Hevia.  They can be specific to her work or more general about disorders and therapy.  I will count these as a 10 point homework, so definitely have them in writing and be thoughtful!
628-38 due Tuesday 3/21 (G), Wednesday 3/22 (F)
Unit 12 and 13 test is Friday 3/24
Here is the answer key for the handout about Ellen's therapy (given out in class on Wednesday or Thursday).  The answers to the first section (matching the statement to the type of therapy, begins with "tell me about your earliest memories from childhood") are:  1. D, 2. F, 3. J, 4. E, 5. I, 6. H, 7. C, 8. B, 9. A, 10. G
Here is the psychsim "mystery client" activity, given out in hard copy in class.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

unit 9 assignments

p. 411-417 due Friday 2/10
417-26 due Monday 2/13
426-35 due Wednesday 2/15
435-44 due Thursday 2/16 (F block), Friday 2/17 (G block)
445-54 due Friday 2/17 (F block)
Finish the chapter (through p. 473) by Wednesday 3/1
Baby books are due Monday 3/13

F block:  here is your Google doc for the Erikson playlist activity.

G block:  here is your Google doc for the Erikson playlist activity.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

unit 4 readings and unit 11 follow up assignment

due Friday 1/27 (both classes):  p. 115-124
Due Monday 1/30:  124-33
Due Tuesday 1/31:  134-40 (G block)
Due Wednesday 2/1:  134-40 (F block), 141-50 (G block)
Due Thursday 2/2:  141-50 (F block)
Due Friday 2/3:  151-9 (both classes) - and (for F block only) create a 10 question intelligence test.  Write a short (4-5 sentence) explanation of how you designed your test and how it demonstrates concepts from the unit.  Please type, and bring in hard copy (printed) to class on the due date.  This will count for 10 points on the last test (to make an even 100).
Due Monday 2/4:  159-69 (both classes), and intelligence test for G block.